(At Least) 12 ways to Customize Your Life & Legacies Package

Looking for an idea or gift that’s going to wow everybody and make them think “why didn’t I think of that?!”?

One of the best parts about getting to tell people's stories is that they come in all shapes and sizes. Being flexible is a lot of fun! New locations, people, and creative camerawork is always an adventure. Here’s (at least) 12 ways Life & Legacies can be tailor-made just for you!



What a fantastic way to celebrate a career! Whether it’s your employee, boss, or a loved one, they’ll be beaming with pride to show off their years of hard word.


Baby / Pregnancy / Adoption

Almost everyone has a baby book to remember when their little ones were actually little! Why not upgrade to a video journal to share your journey to parenthood?



They grow up so fast. We love it when kids get to come sit on our couch and talk about their favorite subject; themselves! Some parents bring their child(ren) in about once a year with the goal of having a finished product in a decades time. Too cool!


Engagement / Wedding

All your guest are sitting at your wedding reception, waiting for the food and fun to start. Let’s keep them entertained with a beautiful video about how they all got there. Whether it's just the two of you talking about your courtship and engagement, or your closest family and friends telling stories and thoughts that you never even knew! More than just entertainment, it will be a keepsake to last forever.


Love Story / Anniversary

Who said you have to be getting married to to tell your love story? Does someone in your life have a relationship that just needs to be captured? Just one of the many reason to give someone The Best Gift Ever!


Mini Stories /  Life Event

Maybe you’re not ready to tell your whole story, but there was this one time….We do those too! This option is also great for storytellers on a budget.


Thank You / Birthday

Best. GIft. Ever.



Don’t let your fuzzy family miss out on all the fun! Life & Legacies is pet friendly! What does your best friend mean to you? Did you rescue him or did he rescue you?



Does your story connect with your business? Do you want unique media to help promote it and give it that special human touch? We can help with that!


Accomplishment / Graduation

Did I mention I think this is The Best Gift Ever? Our gift certificates can be a highlight to any event!


Collection / Passions

Do you have the most or most unusual ______ around? In the state? Country? World? We want to see it! Do you play beautiful music or have a passion for sports? Whatever your ‘thing’ is, we’ll help you show it off.


Reunions / Retreats / Occasions

Let’s get the whole gang together! Don’t leave with just a t-shirt, document the people, places, and all the fun!



Traditional Life & Legacies

This is our bread and butter. Commonly one-on-one, but we often do couples or any other combination of people. In studio (it’s a great space!) or wherever you feel most comfortable. We have you fill out our Story Inventory, set the date, and it’s lights, camera, action!

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