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  • Why I Love Living Stories

    We were devastated when my Aunt Rachel died. She was truly a gem and almost everyone in our community knew her or at least knew who she was. She was hard to miss; a frail 90 pound Mennonite woman in a wheelchair with a personality 6 feet tall. Aunt Rachel had polio as a child and went though horrors I Continue Reading

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  • (At Least) 12 ways to Customize Your Life & Legacies Package

    Looking for an idea or gift that’s going to wow everybody and make them think “why didn’t I think of that?!”? One of the best parts about getting to tell people's stories is that they come in all shapes and sizes. Being flexible is a lot of fun! New locations, people, and creative camerawork is always an adventure. Here’s (at Continue Reading

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  • Everyone has a story… this is the start of ours.

    We’re officially online! After months of work (and years of dreaming), Meredith and I are pleased to be launching our idea. And thanks to The Great Social Enterprise Pitch contest, we’re further along than ever before. I’ve been getting some questions regarding what we do, so I thought it would make a great first blog post to explain. It’s actually Continue Reading

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