Frequently Asked Questions

What is Life & Legacies and what do you do?

Life & Legacies interviews clients about their lives.

A traditional Life & Legacies interview is a Life Retrospective, looking back on your life.

We offer a variety of other types of interviews as well:

-Wedding & Engagement Stories

-Pregnancy and Adoption Journeys

-Anniversary Celebrations

-Retirement Capstones

-Kid Questions

A traditional on camera interview is 60 minutes. However, we can customize interview packages to meet your individual needs.

The finished product is a documentary style-video. You receive two versions of your interview; an hour-long complete version of the conversation and the 2-Minute Trailer, a short, quicker version of your longer story.

What are your hours?

Meredith still works at the local TV station on Mondays and Tuesdays, so we are closed then. She is in the office most of the day on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. And Meredith is always happy to meet with clients by appointment.

Can you include photographs in the video?

Yes, you can. Photographs often go nicely with the stories people tell. Fifteen photographs are included in your package cost. More photos can be added for an additional fee. We prefer the photos to be in digital form, but we can scan in old photos to include them in your finished product.

How much do you edit the interview?

We say we “lightly edit” your interview. We take three camera angles and edit them together. But the finished product is more of a documentation of a genuine conversation. Our productions are not flashy and do not include quick edits. They are simple, genuine gatherings of storytelling.

What should I bring for my interview?

Great memories! But other than thinking about the topics you would like to share, you don’t need to bring much. Each client should submit their Story Inventory before the actual interview so our staff can prepare ahead of time. If you have photos you would like us to use, please bring those with you. See Also: “What to wear” below.

What should I wear for my interview?

I usually say “church clothes.” Something comfortable but proper. You will be sitting for a little more than an hour, so we want you to be comfortable. Your clothing should not be distracting or take away from the stories you are sharing. We recommend brighter colors and solids work better on camera than small patterns. Feel free to call Meredith with any clothing questions - she loves to talk fashion!

How much does it cost?

We have a range of package prices. Please call our office to see which best suits your needs and your family’s budget. Call 717-584-1786 for an estimate.

What kind of questions do you ask? 

Life & Legacies has created an exclusive story-gathering questionnaire called the Story Inventory. It includes questions about basic biographical information and unique story-prompting questions. We ask that you fill out the Story Inventory before your interview so we can get to know you better and prepare for our conversation. Then we use the questions and info from the Story Inventory to guide you through your hour-long interview.

What if there’s something I don’t want to talk about?

At Life & Legacies, we want sharing your stories to be an enjoyable and memorable experience! If there are topics you would like to avoid or things you don’t want to talk about, that’s fine. Some stories and memories can be uncomfortable, embarrassing or sad to talk about. The time is yours. We will only talk about what you are interested in talking about.

What if I’m uncomfortable being on camera?

Don’t be! It’s not that hard! (This coming from the TV Girl - but really, I promise, it’s not that bad!) It’s our goal to make you feel comfortable and at ease. Our preparation ahead of the interview means we already know a lot about you before you come for your interview. Also, we’ll never make you do or talk about anything you don’t want to. And we consider these interviews genuine conversations. It’s our job to make you feel calm and comfortable - and we’re really good at it.

Where do you do the interviews?

Either at our studio in downtown Lancaster or on-location at your home or another place that’s important to you.

How far will you travel for an interview?

We have already been to Portland, Oregon for a set of interviews. So don’t be shy. Call us and we’ll discuss the prospect of traveling to gather great stories!

Where do you park near the studio?

There is on-street parking outside our studio. But these spaces are often full. The Hager surface parking lot is across the street from the studio. There are usually spots available there. We are also catty corner from the Prince Street Parking Garage. There are fees for all of these parking options.

Where is your studio located?

Our address is 52 North Prince Street. We are located on the same block as The Fulton Theater and Ware Center - on the same side of the street. We are on the right side of the street as you are heading south on Prince Street. We are located directly next to the iconic Stan’s Records.

Do you do free consultations?

Yes! We’re always happy to talk with you about what you are looking for and what we offer. Plus, we love to show off our cute downtown space. Alternatively, we can meet with you at your home or office at your convenience. Plus, we can get you up to speed about our services by e-mail as well.

Is your studio handicapped accessible?

Yes, there are no steps getting into our studio. We are all on one level. We have a small restroom, but it accommodates most people just fine. If you have additional concerns, please call us.

Are these interviews shown on TV?

No, these interviews are for you. They do not appear on TV. There is no connection between Life & Legacies and any televsion stations. But Joe & Meredith include creating a television show in their 5 year business plan.

How do I get the final interview?

We’re happy to hand deliver the final copies, mail them to you or invite you back to the studio to pick up the finished product.

What does the arrow stand for?

The arrow is our symbol at Life & Legacies. We ask people to look backward to the stories of their lives and save them for future generations. So we use arrows going both ways in our marketing. Plus, arrows are fun and very popular right now - so we like to be on-trend!

What do you sell in your studio?

We like to be good stewards to our amazing downtown location and our beautiful picture windows, so we sell home goods out of our studio. We specialize in arrows and ampersands - two of our symbols. Plus, we have Chalkboard Wine Glasses and books written by local Lancaster County authors.

What’s the Community Art Wall?

The Community Art Wall is an initiative to engage other creative people in our Lancaster County community. Each season we host a local artist, photographer or gallery to display their art on a large open space in our downtown studio. We are just a block down from official “Gallery Row” and we are thrilled to use our great location to share the talent of others in our community. Most of the work is for sale.  

How long does it take to get the final product?

Our turnaround time is about 8 weeks.

What if I want more copies?

Additional DVD’s or BluRay discs can be purchased for $10.

Is the final video available online?

Yes, each video is uploaded and you will receive a private link that you can share with family and friends.